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Can Gun Confiscation Happen During a Medical Crisis Under a Declared National Emergency?.

Are we as Americans entering a period in our history where the US Government is the source of every crisis? Yes we are because the powers that be want to dominate the population by fraud or conquest. The oligarchs who control the puppet President Obama wants America taken down. They want to play God over our existance and every aspect of our lives. These super rich people cannot coexist with the middle class and a free people because everyone is a threat to them in their own minds.

We are seeing the whole house including the kitchen sick thrown at us using fear and trying to impart learned helplessness. It is the agenda of the tyrants can gain control of the people hoping the citizens will cave into their demands, saying” we can stop the crisis if we just submit”. These elites are like the school yard bully telling us to cry” Uncle, here is my lunch money” so they will let go of our arm they twisted behind our backs. The pain stops, but now we are hungry because people will give their lunch money every time instead of taking a stand saying no. They use fear to get their way in a crisis they started instead of the people pushing back against the bully exposing them.

The only real threat to the American people is the US Government who facilitates the crisis because they stand to gain from it if they can get away with it. It is time to expose the US government as the problem and not the solution. Every time they say “ I am from the government. I am here to help”. It comes with tyranny and a loss of freedoms in the name of security at the end of the day. History shows people get neither freedom or security when they surrender their liberties.  Does anyone remember what happened after Hurricane Katrina? Instead of going after the gang remember shooting at first responders trying to rescue people. The government went to the high and dry areas where people were not affected by the storm confiscating the guns.

Right now they are allowing illegal aliens from Mexico, Central and South America with contagious diseases and flying in people infected from Africa with the deadly Ebola virus on US soil putting every American at risk. This is all being perpetrated by the US Government. This is an attack on the American people as a way to attempt to break our will and submit to the dictatorship inside the White House.

So where is the agenda behind this all? First, President Obama wants our guns out of our hands to bring in the red terror like it was during the red terror in the old Soviet Union since 1917 to 1991 in Russia were millions of innocent people were executed that had no means of self defense.

Do not forget when President George W. Bush singed Presidential Directive-51. This document is declared classified where congress can not see the document that allows the President on his own whim with broad dictatorial powers outside of Congress. The President can declare anything to be a national emergency. Using Ebola or one of these or many of these epidemics brought in by these illegal aliens coming across the border as a justification for a declared national emergency under PD-51. The President might try to go after the guns using a national crisis under the guise of a medical emergency caused by the US government on purpose to disarm the American people.

This can be done under the  Model State Emergency Health Powers Act

Under the recently signed Executive Order 13295. Now American citizens with a perceived respiratory  illness who may not be sick can now be detained. No mention of detaining Illegal aliens with real respiratory illnesses that are contagious and a public health threat to the population. Under Obamacare, Doctors can refuse treatment if people do not tell the authorities where are the guns. If they do not turn in their guns, they will not get any treatment.

When a person gets a concealed carry permit or purchases a rifle or handgun. That information is loaded into the NCIC.  The Maryland Law Enforcement Officer harassed a Florida resident because he had a CCW permit because it showed up in a database. So the government knows who owns arms and where they live. Could the government use this ultimatum of turn in your guns for their freedom be in the cards. Even if the person that was detained for possible respiratory illness is declared healthy. Will the Government make turning guns as a condition to be released from medical quarantine?

I would not put it past the gun grabbers to try this. Could this recent executive order be one of the purposes as a way to disarm the American people under the guise of a National crisis using a hyped medical emergency the government created to go after the guns?

If people are detained because they sneezed or blew their noses under perceived respiratory illness. Even though these people might not be sick. Could their release be based on the condition of turn in their guns to get their freedom. Gun Confiscation is part of President Obama’s power grab under the Medical Emergency Powers Act.

Remember they tried to go after the gun through shootings and terror attacks all staged by the US government to disarm the American people. A revolt has risen up against these draconian gun laws in New York, Colorado and Connecticut. Congress will not pass gun control as President Obama wants.

They can not relocate people living in rural areas by force into the compact cities under UN Agenda 21 just as long the citizens are armed.

The American people can not be forced inoculated with deadly vaccines when the people are armed to the teeth.

The government cannot confiscate the gold from the American people just as long people possess arms to defend their life, liberty and property.

The government cannot crush the economy because everyone sees the people behind the collapse. The government and the oligarchs they work for coming after them with rifles locked and loaded.

The government is trying to sell fear to look all powerful because they are losing control over the people as a mass awakening happening. This biological attack from the Ebola virus, bringing in people infected where it can be easily spread and from the other end, allowing illegal migrants knowingly infected with the diseases from the third world that can be easily spread through the US population to create a medical crisis might be the hail Mary attempt to bring in the North American union, the Trans Pacific Union and the Trans Atlantic Union using pandemics and crisis. It is not possible when the American people are armed because we never consented to these agreements done in secret.

Under no circumstances, no should give up their guns because of a national emergency created by the Federal Government as an excuse to grab more power and control over the American people. If the American gun owners stand their ground and say “no” to a crisis the government created.

Respond by voting with our wallets. Buy more ammo, storable food and get right with God repenting and praying for our nation. Do not be deceived turning in your guns no matter what crisis comes down.

The Obama white house has shown their hand, wanting to bring in tyranny in the name of a crisis.

Here is what the US Government tried to do to bring in a national emergency to declare martial law:

The government tried to bring in a crisis with riots when the verdict of not guilty in the George Zimmerman trial trying to start a race war. The civil unrest never happened no matter how many agent provocateurs trying to stage an incident by destroying property trying to start a riot fell flat on its face.

In early 2009 when the swine flu hoax trying to bring in a medical tyranny trying to force people to take a vaccine at the point of a gun fell flat.

The Military has been training for gun confiscation and the NDAA allows the US military the right to detain dissident indefinably with no charges filed or evidence to prove they are a threat.

A medical crisis can be the perfect smoke screen to conceal the round up of activist who are patriots, libertarians, conservatives veterans and gun owners who pose a threat to the political establishment. They can say these people are carriers of a contagious infection.  Using a false flag to blame people who believe in freedom will not fly as they tried during the Oklahoma city bombing. It would not work as an excuse to go do mass arrest of patriots.  Using a health scare might be the way they might mass arrest patriots.

So I warn you all. Do not be surprised if the Obama signs an executive order demanding gun confiscation and rounding up dissidents under the guise of a medical crisis to have public support as being reasonable action in the name of a public health threat using executive order 13295.

Do not underestimate these desperate globalist to try. Stay awake and alert.


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EU Raises the Stakes: New sanctions target Russia’s biggest banks

The European Union has imposed sectorial sanctions on five Russian banks, including the country’s biggest, Sberbank, as part of economic steps that Europe, along with the US, have taken against Moscow over the crisis in Ukraine.

‘We tortured some folks’ – Obama on CIA tactics after 9/11

US President Barack Obama made a rare acknowledgment during a Friday press briefing concerning the United States’ past use of enhanced interrogation tactics in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

To the Border Patrol: “Just Following Orders” is No Excuse Aiding and Abetting the Illegal Invasion..

I hear a lot about nonviolent civil disobedience talk going around by not complying with bad laws and executive orders from the white house. That is all good and well because the power the White House has is illegal and illegitimate. We all know these decrees are not laws passed by congress. It done by the President’s pen when he says, because our representatives will not act.

Many Americans are taking matter into their own hands taking back their liberties and the republic. It is more about survival more than protest now,

Many people in New York and Connecticut told their state governments to go to hell when they passed laws demanding registering of their firearms and outlawing magazines over 10 rounds.

Most of the Sheriffs of Colorado are refusing to enforce the draconian Gun Control laws passed by the state legislature against the wishes of the people.

Hardly no one is participating in Obamacare.

Slowly, Americans are unplugging from the system and withdrawing their consent because they have no confidence in the system.

People are pulling their money out of the 401k accounts. They are pulling their money out of the banking system in fear of the bail in.

Since Obama has taken office and before when he was just President Elect. Gun sales are going through the roof.

The rise of delinquent cases of people refusing to pay taxes or file an income tax form with the IRS is on the rise.

Juries are starting vetoing bad laws on the book, especially when it comes to cannabis possession charges for medicinal uses.

Parents are not getting vaccine waiver forms not allowing their children to get shots to enter into the public school is on the rise.

You see, the American people are committing mutiny against a President who does not follow the laws and acts outside the law to suit his agenda. They are not submitting to his decrees.

The militia is now on the Texas, New Mexico and Arizona border doing the job the Military and the Border Patrol are supposed to do.

Texas Volunteers in Law Enforcement with no pay are helping to assist in those counties with limited resources to enforce the immigration laws to stem the invasion.

Obama is so unpopular and the American people are in revolt against him. This illegal invasion the American people want stopped. By wide margins are demanding these unlawful migrants who violated our laws be sent back.

Will the border patrol be part of the problem following orders that violate the laws of congress or will they uphold their oath to the Constitution. Will the agents acknowledge these actions by Obama says he is a domestic enemy.  Will they have the courage to speak out and call it treason? Because he is aiding the giving comfort to our enemies by allowing the drug cartels and MS-13 gang members in the country.

Whoever follows Obama’s order to stand down and aiding, helping the illegal aliens with bus vouchers. The Nuremberg trials and the What President George W. Bush said, addressing the Iraqi soldiers who might be ordered to release chemical and biological agents at the beginning of the Iraq war. The statement that was said ” Following orders is no excuse” It is not a good defense when held accountable for unlawful actions that are illegal.

The going along to get along with this regime is bringing in diseases the Border Patrols colleagues have contracted these illnesses being around these illegal aliens,

Same thing complying with the order to stand down on the southern border, allowing us to be overrun by illegal aliens to be used a political weapon against the law abiding American people.

What Obama is doing is destroying America.

To Border Patrol agents. I was just following orders is no excuse when complying with this President operating outside the law and his constitutional limitations.

These people took an oath to Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution. In that oath there is a phrase ” Against all enemies foreign and domestic”

Do they recognize Obama as a domestic enemy when?

He orders the Border Patrol to stand down and allow people to cross the border without being properly screened.

Instead of allowing the Border Patrol to shoot back in self defense. He tells the Border patrol to retreat and not allowing the border patrol to  return fire against dangerous drug cartels.

When agents pulled off patrolling the border to process illegal aliens to be given a voucher to take a greyhound bus to anywhere in the country. These illegal migrants are putting the public in harms way with contagious diseases being out in the population.

Instead of Deporting dangerous criminals who entered the country illegally who are Latino gang members. They were released in the population who are a danger to the law abiding society.

These border patrol agents can not worry about their paycheck or pension funds. The government pension funds have been stolen already to prop up the Zombie Banks, Their paycheck will be worthless if they aid the invasion by the Cloward and Piven strategy to collapse the government.

If the border patrol keeps allowing this invasion being complicit with aiding, abetting the criminal President who actions show he is a Domestic Enemy by his action of trying to dissolve the borders of these united States. We will have no republic anymore.

Another thing is their future is destroyed either way. Once the Dictatorship is finished using them to take the country using these illegal aliens as a political weapon against the American people. Since the agents helping the criminal regime in the White House fulfill his agenda to bring the North American Union into existence. Do you know how they will reward the Border Patrol that does a great job violating their oath who helped aid the invasion.

They will purge these agents because they know too much. Those National Guard Units from Texas being deployed to the Border not to turn back the illegal aliens. But to turn them over the I.C.E. To be processed and bring them deeper into the country. They will be executed too, because they know too much about the criminal activity of this regime. Look at the Old Soviet Union. They were not very loyal to their enforcers.

The Border Patrol better disregard the stand down order and return to their post turning back and start deporting these dreamers. Will they stick their necks out and take risk to stop this? I understand the moral of the Border Patrol is low. Many are upset and quitting. They have to do more than get mad at the President for what he is doing to destroy the nation.

There needs to be a mutiny with the Border Patrol by disregarding the order to stand down, refusing to violate their oath under Article 4 section 4. They need to ignore Homeland Security’s directive and Deport and send back those who entered the country illegally.

The illegal migrants housed in American facilities around the country. Put them on a bus back to the border and” Send them Back” The border patrol need to have a Constitution mutiny and enforce the rule of law.

Many Americans are sticking their necks out taking risks to save the republic by either civil disobedience or by withdrawing their consent and support. Why? Because they morally feel they are not obligated to support a government that does not follow the law of the land.

No one is above the law. It is time to send a message to the President who disregards the law for political gain and to follow a plan to bring the republic into submission against the will of the people.

It does no good to go along to get along. The statement of please do not rock the boat. Well, if the Border Patrol rocks the boat enforce the law, ignoring Obama’s order to stand down. The American people will support them.

The act of Courage in the face of great odds risking everything is contagious inspiring people to come to their aid. The Border Patrol can trust the American people to support them if they take a stand to do what is right for Duty, Honor for God and Country more than they can trust their own government.

Something has to give. Will the Patriotic Border Patrol Stand up and take the lead pushing back against this invasion being an Oathkeeper or an Oath faker. Please pray for the border patrol.


Germany rolls out surveillance-proof phone after NSA spying debacle

Sen. Ted Cruz Encourages Revolt In House Against Amensty Bill Led By John Boehner and the RINOS

Have the RINO Republicans learned a lesson with Rep Eric Cantor losing his seat in a primary election? It was over Amnesty. Thank God Ted Cruz gathered House republicans in  his office to rebel against the Speaker of the House and the other sell out GOP congressmen who sold out their constituents.

Here is part of the story from Yahoo News:

House Republican leaders abruptly changed their plan to deal with the crisis along the U.S.-Mexico border late Wednesday night, after they were not able to muster enough votes to pass the legislation before Congress leaves Friday for a five-week recess.

Conservatives in the House revolted against the Republican-led plan, which provides about $659 million in emergency spending for the border crisis through the fiscal year that ends Sept. 30.

As a result, the House will vote Thursday on two pieces of legislation, the first being the border plan. If that legislation passes, the House would be required to vote on legislation that would bar President Barack Obama from delaying the deportation of young, undocumented immigrants.

The Republican dissent was led by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), the conservative freshman firebrand who has miffed House leadership before by meddling in the House’s affairs (most notably, last year,ahead of the government shutdown).

Cruz met with a sizeable group of House conservatives in his Senate office Wednesday night, where they ate pizza and discussed the border crisis, according to sources. Some of the attendees,according to Roll Call, included Republican Reps. Steve King of Iowa, Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, Steve Stockman of Texas, and Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee.

The House GOP legislation, a companion bill to one Cruz has proposed in the Senate, would prevent Obama from expanding the  Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Obama established the program unilaterally in 2012 to shield thousands of young undocumented immigrants who have been in the U.S. since childhood from deportation.

Cruz has said any border plan should include a provision to stop the DACA program, because he considers it to be a main contributor to the crisis.  This year alone,  tens of thousands of migrants from Central America  — many of them unaccompanied children — have crossed the U.S.-Mexico border from Central American countries.

“The evidence shows that the amnesty President Obama announced in 2012 is driving record numbers of immigrants to enter our nation illegally,” Cruz said in a statement Tuesday. ” Because of President Obama’s amnesty, children are being abused and exploited by dangerous drug cartels and transnational gangs.”

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Does Free Virtual Private Network Software Protect Your Privacy from Government Snooping?

I can see one of the biggest trends going on is people are looking for ways and solutions to keep the NSA from spying on them for no reason without a search warrant.

Then we have corporations looking to buy personal information on people through data mining. Some people can afford top of the line encrypted software so their Internet Service Provider and any law enforcement agency cannot see a person’s online browsing habits.

People may say” I have nothing to hide because I am doing nothing wrong” The truth is the system will use anything and everything against a person no matter how harmless or innocent it maybe can be use against anyone. The system knows how to twist words to their advantage to incriminate some one. Think again.

There is a toolbar that can be downloaded called Verified VPN powered by ASK. VPN means Virtual Private Networks. The program is called Verified VPN. I hope it is secure as they say it is keeping prying eyes out when someone surfs the web.

The Program is free. Anyone can upgrade to elite version which has more features if a person is willing to pay money. I am asking people to download the program and see how it works. Is it worth it to download? Please give feedback to tell the software developers the bugs and fixes that need to be done to make improvements to benefit clients in the future.

The NSA and other law enforcement agencies spying on people for no reason doing a fishing expedition on a person’s home computer purpose is to justify this illegal snooping going on. A whistle Blower for the NSA says the Mission of this agency is to control the population by gathering data they can use against anyone in a cyberspace Stasis system.

I say have a Private Virtual Private Network installed on your computer to send a statement to the system. The message is we do not give them permission to spy on us. Our lives in none of their business to look through anytime they please.

Whether all VPN software will accomplish keeping the government snoops out or data miners away from our computers. Downloading this software even though it may be secure or not. Still sends a message to the system that leave us alone. There are national security threats more serious facing the nation than me looking up a recipe on how to make dinner rolls or taking to in the Tea Party member about passing out flyers is not probable cause of committing a crime under the forth amendment of the Bill of Rights.

The Bill of Rights is there to restrain the power of government over the individual. Since the government does not want to restrain itself as the Bill of Rights requires. Downloading a VPN software free or is a way we send a statement we are going to restrain the power of government spying on us by attempting to keep prying eyes of government spooks out of my life downloading VPN software..

Send a statement we want government out of our lives by downloading VPN software.

For other VPN networks Click Here.



Illegals Aliens Commit More Homicides in Texas Than on September 11th!

Gerry Donaldson

Since the fall of 2008, over 203,000 illegal aliens coming across the border into Texas have been booked into our county jails.  These illegals accounted for over 3,000 homicides, virtually the same number that died in the World Trade Center on 9/11! Remember, this is only those killed in Texas!

These illegals also committed over 8,000 sexual assaults and 5,000 rapes in Texas. All together, these illegals were charged with 447,000 crimes.

Today, these same illegals are being efficiently and politely escorted across our borders, having bus tickets paid for by taxpayer money, are being given medical care, food stamps, housing assistance and even social security cards and drivers licenses!

Underlying all the abuses is the Hegelian Dialectic and the 1960’s Cloward-Piven Strategy based on Hegel’s theory. The Hegelian Dialectic formula is simple; create the problem which persuades the people to beg for a solution and then give it to them. This system of persuasive arguing was devised by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and would later become the framework for Karl Marx’s “Dialectical Materialism,” which, of course, eventually became the framework for communism.

Like Marx, Hegel was a statist and believed that humanity owed allegiance to an all-powerful state that directed every aspect of our lives. The dialectic is a methodology devised for the purpose of bringing people to this ultimate conclusion by being the creator of societal chaos while also being the one able to implement the necessary solution. The formula was thesis-antithesis-synthesis, or problem-reaction-solution. In other words, it cons people into believing the state can create a perfect world by pitting two opposing forces against each other, alleged opposing forces anyway.

President Obama and the rest of his radical leftist administration are implementing the final strategy in the Cloward Piven plan to destroy capitalism and force America to adopt a socialist government.

President Obama and the rest of his radical leftist administration are implementing the final strategy in the Cloward Piven plan to destroy capitalism and force America to adopt a socialist government.

If you wish to educate yourself on the subject you should read the Cloward and Piven strategy yourself. Richard Cloward (deceased) and Frances Fox Piven are socialists who have done a great deal of work to assist in the nations fundamental shift to the ideological left. Piven, a professor at Columbia university has spoke at numerous socialists conferences and was instrumental in organizing the voting strategies implemented by the leftist organization, “Acorn.”

It should also be noted that Piven is a professor of social work at Columbia University; which is where President Obama attended school. Wayne Allyn Root, a classmate of Obama’s, wrote an article detailing his experience at Columbia studying the Cloward Piven Plan, and Obama’s fascination with it. It is pretty clear that Obama is implementing this strategy.

The underlying belief is that if the left can overload Americas welfare system, while weighing the nation down with unsustainable debt, the government will be forced to adopt socialism and provide everyone with an annual, guaranteed income. There remains one little problem however; these socialist fail to realize that without a working society that creates wealth, government has no income to provide anyone.

Americans have come to accept their rights being converted to privileges and do not question when their God-given, unalienable rights are seemingly ignored by our government and law enforcement.

The illegals flooding across our borders have basic fundamental rights, but in all fairness to Americans, their “inalienable” rights are not guaranteed under our Constitution!  Therefore, we must respectfully decline and move back to the naturalization process our founders intended.

On one last point, the current debate on impeaching Obama is a valid one.  On one side, the majority of Americans want Obama impeached.  Many of the sitting Republicans don’t want to move for impeachment in fear that the Democrats will come out in droves in opposition and overturn the expected conservative flood during the November elections.

In my opinion, we need to make a clear statement that violation of the Constitution, the Oath of Office, and the infringement on our God-given, unalienable rights will not be tolerated.

We must use this opportunity not only to impeach Obama, but the moment he is taken out of office, we should clap him in handcuffs and try him for the many treasonous acts he has committed.  This should be publicized widely and then, when the likely verdict comes down, we need to publicize that as well. We all know the penalty for treason, don’t we?

9 Ways State Governors can Push Back Against Obama’s invasion and Federal Overreach.

Let’s face facts. The Obama administration is the most lawless President in our lifetime. Barrack Obama has broken the contract with the state by refusing to protect the states from invasion under Article 4 section 4 of the US Constitution. Congress refuses to act to reign in this President over stepping his constitutional authority. There is no help coming from Washington DC.

Here is what state governors can do to protect their states from this invasion or possibly stop it:

1. Rent on a bunch of buses and drop off these illegal aliens in front of the white house since they chanted” Obama will take care of us”

2. Quarantine and lock down these faculties where these Illegal Aliens are being housed. All Federal Law enforcement and social workers are not exempt. If these government employees are exposed to these diseases traveling with the undocumented felons. They must be isolated from the population too.

3. Lock down military bases that are housing these unaccompanied minors. No one leaves and no one enters. Use the state air guard to make sure no military aircraft leaves the base or enters the installation.

4. Order all employers to stop withholding social security from workers’ paychecks.

5 Order all businesses stop withholding federal income taxes from employee’s wages.

6. Stop sending in federal gas taxes for highway funds to Washington DC. Texas does not legally have to send gas taxes because most gasoline is taken from the ground, refined and sold right here in Texas. Gas taxes are subject to interstate commerce when it crosses state lines. Not when it is all made and sold in Texas.

The illegal aliens are bankrupting the states. The Federal government is not reimbursing the states for the cost. This is how the states can pay for the cost so they do not go bankrupt.

7. Call in your legislators for a special session to pass legislation that is necessary and proper to counter this invasion. I call for nullifying the federal “Motor Voter Laws” were people who want to register to vote must be done through the county supervisor of elections. No political party or campaigns should not be registering voters. The DMV and the Welfare office should no longer register people to vote either.

8. The only people allowed to register to vote who are not natural born Americans are those who completed the naturalization process and took an oath of allegiance who been in the United States for seven years or more.

9 Make it mandatory everyone who goes to vote must show a photo ID. Tell Eric Holder and his minions to shove it.

The White House has gone lawless violating the contract with the states putting. This administration has put the people at risk with violent criminals and carriers of diseases hard to cure and expensive to treat.

The President is so bold and arrogant disregarding the law. The state should ignore his decrees and executive orders since they violate the 9th and 10th amendments of the bill of rights.

The states need to be more bold and brazen. The governors must cave in to intimidation or threats of losing federal funding or being arrested from the thug in the White House, It is time the state push back every way they can. Even when there might be a confrontation. The States and the people must stand their ground.

Resistance is not only victory. It is contagious lighting the fires in people’s hearts against tyranny. Governors stop selling out and start standing up.




Taking a bite out of the Globalist Proghanda Machine with the Unfiltered Truth

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