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Pastor Says Evangelical Christians Who Don’t ‘ Support Amnesty Are Eternally Doomed to Hell?

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Clash Daily

Rev. Dr. Gabriel Salguero, pastor of The Lamb’s Church in New York church wrote an op-ed chiding the Church for not getting into the big middle of the orchestrated illegal alien, Obama spawned, debacle on the border.

This dude sounds like a JLo-esque amnesty minister who’d like to keep this illegal horde rather than send them packing.  He calls those who protest busing 1000s to various cities as ‘angry protestors who’re stoking flames of fear.’  From what I can tell, most of the protesters are law-abiding citizens tired of watching their tax dollars go down the crapper while illegals abuse the system.

What I find interesting is that he ends his misty eyed musing by quoting Jesus’ famous ‘sheep and the goats’ sermon that damns to hell the stubborn ‘goats’ who refuse to help those in need.

According to this gent Jesus was talking about illegal aliens pouring over our borders, flouting the rule of law.  Check it out Clashers.

I told my congregation last Sunday, “Fear cannot be our basis for action. Fear is never the humane way forward.” If we are to move forward, we must work together in hope. Hope requires sacrifice and courage. This hour in American history will tell how strongly the evangelical church in America holds to these virtues. Will evangelicals step forward and asked for increased resources for security, education and sustainable development in Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua? Will we refuse to allow people to blame children for the broken immigration systems? The church cannot be silent as angry groups of people stoking the flames of fear yell at buses filled with helpless immigrant children and women. Intelligent and well-meaning people can disagree on the best way forward to this humanitarian and immigration crisis. All will agree that screaming at children caught in an inescapable web of international relations, corruption, human traffickers and stagnation on immigration reform isn’t the way forward.

We in the United States must also remember that our commitments and foreign policy in Latin American aid, security, environment and development have a direct impact on whether Gilberto and those like him remain safely at home or dies in the desert. In addition, we must, for the sake of our shared humanity, act on immigration reform. Legislative inaction has too high a cost. And when they come to our shores seeking refuge from the tempest-tossed realities of violence and poverty, we cannot allow screaming crowds to be the voice of who we are as a people. For when we as a nation query Jesus, “Lord, when did we see you hungry, or thirsty, or a stranger, or needing clothes, or sick, or in prison and did not help you?” Jesus will reply, “Whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.” What we do for Gilberto, we do for Jesus.

Read more: TIME

So, finally, dear Christian, are you cool with Dr. Gabe’s assessment that you’re doomed if you protest the invasion on the border?  Do you think because you’d like to see our nation’s laws respected, that puts you on AC/DC’s Highway to Hell? Do you have any thoughts on this one before we burn for all eternity for opposing this Cloward-Pivening of the USA?

Local Media furious about Being Denied Access to Illegal Immigrant children by Border Patrol.

Houston weather, traffic, news | FOX 26 | MyFoxHouston

Local Houston Fox Affiliate furious about the lack of access the media being denied access to illegal immigrant children.

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La Raza: The Klu Klux Klan with a Tan. The Real Racial and intolerant Agitators.

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I can tell you if Caucasian Americans formed a group called “The Race,”. with the motto” For the race everything, Those outside the race nothing” in the name of stopping illegal aliens and the securing of our borders. The media would have a field day with a never ending barrage of demonetization for weeks to come trying to capitalize on the group to advance their agenda. They would call these people White Supremacist trying to make the label stick with never ending media blitz discrediting them.

Not with La Raza where there is a double standard. The group named La Raza means in Spanish” The race” who actually has the motto”For the race everything, Those outside the race nothing” . These are the people calling for the plan of San Diego which calls for murder every white person over the age of 16. Groups like LULAC and MECHA all speak the same rhetoric. The media does not question these comments about their hatred for other ethnic groups. These groups are not Hispanic grassroots organizations. They are funded by the Ford Foundation and other globalist NGOs trying to foment a race war to take down the United States.

The word racist was used by Leon Trotsky. He was part of the Bolshevik takeover in Russia. He called people racist to browbeat people who opposed his totalitarian agenda. This was a effective tactic as a way to silence his opponents portraying them as anti Jewish because they opposed to communism.

People like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton got away with using the race card to shut down the debate for a long time . The pro Israel organizations and some Jewish groups along with the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center used the word anti Semite to shut down debate when there was questions concerned people wanted to ask these groups who did not want to answer. Why? Because it would reveal their corruption and the real agenda risking losing credibility. Now this tactic is losing its effect trying to intimidate people who ask questions or expose them.

Now the group La Raza is now calling people racist who oppose Amnesty. They are the most intolerant group of people who get away with their bigoted rhetoric in the corporate media.

We are told to tone down our rhetoric concerning the crises on the border and our opposition to Amnesty to illegal alines breaking the law. They speak openly about overthrowing the southwestern states with impunity. Homeland security leaves these groups alone while we are groped at the airports and harassed at these border patrol internal checkpoints in these Constitution free zones over the phony threat of Al Qaeda.

At the same time, the Tea Party groups who want the present immigration laws enforced, who are opposed to these open border policies and amnesty are harassed by Homeland security and the IRS.

It is time to discredit La Raza as a Ford foundation funded organization as a political weapon to destabilize the southwestern states of America trying to re-annex it to Mexico in a violent overthrow. Making the most inflammatory statements trying to stir racial violence.

Call them out as they are” The Klu Klux Klan with a tan” The real racial agitators. Do you agree?




Immigration Overload: Banks of The RIo Grande

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Houston weather, traffic, news | FOX 26 | MyFoxHouston

City Council in Texas to Vote on Resolution: No Unaccompanied Illegal Migrant children Allowed in League City.

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Houston weather, traffic, news | FOX 26 | MyFoxHouston

My Fox Houston- League City Texas

It’s busy day at the Centennial Mexican restaurant in League City.

But while the main entrees are cooking up in the kitchen, in the dining area today something else is brewing….conversations about a controversy which has hit, this small town.

“For me, we need to extend out hand to these kids, because you were a kid, I was a kid.”

Carlos Rivas is talking about a League City resolution presented by one of it’s council members which would prohibit any unaccompanied minors, who are crossing the US Mexico border illegally, from finding refuge or shelter in this area.

“They are wrong, because it can be your kid, or someone else’s kid who is living over there,” adds Rivas.

The topic has literally divided, not just people at this restaurant, but residents of League City, many of which have seen these images of young boys and girls being held at detention centers all along the border.

“There is a legal way to do it, that’s one thing, and then there’s the illegal way. You have to go back,” says Keith Murray, who’s against housing immigrant children.

“At this point and time I feel it was necessary due to the inaction from the federal government and from our state government, that we needed to do something locally,” says Heidi theiss, council member of League City.
Council member

Heidi Theiss, presented the resolution this past Thursday, fearing detention centers and temporary housing could soon start popping up with little notice from the state and federal government. So she says she jumped ahead of them, all in an effort to protect the city.

Theiss explains, “I have the facts and the statistics and the reports to back up my concerns and this is a way to show the people of League City that we are responsible to them.”

Recent reports show, the US Border patrol and the department of homeland security are facing the tough task of find temporary shelters for over 52 thousand unaccompanied minors.

“We need to take care of our people. We can’t take care of everyone in the world,” says one resident.

But the reality is that the issue is now bigger than the government can handle.

Germany missing 45% of its gold ‘stored in US’

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Governor Perry: Do you Have the Guts to Arrest Pres. Obama for Treason When He Visits Texas This Week?

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The reason why we are in a sad state is because we have held back while the Dictatorship does not hold back anything. He does not have anymore constitutional restraint. They are using all resources at the their disposal to wreck the country by breaking the law. We are told we are supposed to use restraint and do things peacefully while the other side is not afraid to incite violence if necessary to get their way.

If Governor Perry is serious about securing the border and protecting Texas from invasion. He has every legal and moral right to do so. He ought to not hold nothing back to protect the Lone Star State from an insurrection perpetrated by the Federal government to bring in the North American Union and the Bankrupt Texas under the Cloward and Pivon plan.

He has a duty because these people being brought up through Mexico from Central and South America are a public health threat with these diseases like Tuberculosis, (Hanson’s Disease)Leprosy, bed bugs, head lice and scabies  which are highly contagious and resistant to modern antibiotics.

The White House knows these people are entering without being screened for these illnesses. Nurses and Border Patrol agents are ordered to keep silent and not tell the press about these migrants having these illnesses that are a public health threat.

The Centers of Disease Control(CDC) and the Border Patrol were ordered to stand down by the White House to do nothing. Just allow the spread of these diseases without any restrictions in the general population.

What President Obama has done is an act of war against the people of Texas. If this crises is not dealt with. If the public servants responsible for this criminal and treasonous act against Texas are not neutralized so they can not carry out this invasion. If we do not do what is necessary to stop holding nothing back using all legal and constitutional remedies to stop this cold in its tracks. It will only get worse.

Mr Perry, Stop being Mr nice guy and making media appearances talking about the border crisis. It is time not to hold back doing what is right for Texas because of politics. It is time to do your constitutional duty  holding nothing back using your constitutional as well as legal remedies to stop this lawless dictator.and send a shot across the bow not to mess with Texas.

Suing Obama will not stop Obama. Even if Boehner wins in Court. The President does not comply with court orders. Hobby Lobby will be attacked from another direction even after the US Supreme Court ruled in their favor.

Congress will not impeach Obama because no one has the will to stand up to this President and take back their lawmaking powers. They allowed Obama to abrogate Congress’s lawmaking powers to make laws by executive orders.

The only action left is to arrest Obama when he sets foots in Texas. It is time these NGO workers and federal employees aiding and abetting in this invasion be arrested.

The charge is Treason against the people of the United States and Texas. he is giving aid and comfort to our enemies and an attempt. He is putting the people of Texas at risk.

Just following orders is no excuse. Read about the Nuremberg trials” “Following orders” was not a good defense for the NAZI war criminals.

I know Gov Perry is a globalist. He has been a sell out in the past. Does he know the oligarchs will destroy what is left his reputation once they are finished using him or make sure he dies in a mysterious a car accident or helicopter crash so his voice is silenced forever?

If Gov Perry is a praying man seeking God’s wisdom and direction. He ought to not give into blackmail or intimidation. I know he is leaving office this January.  He is not running for reelection as governor.

Arrest the traitor President that is trying to take Texas by hook and by crook with an underclass to undermine the people of the Lone Star State.

Arrest the Federal employees who are aiding and abetting in the collapse of the borders.

Set up you DPS roadblocks to turn back the buses of illegals to Mexico.

Support the militia who taken initiative to secure the border with or without Gov. Perry’s support assisting the Texas Rangers and the State troopers securing the border.

Arrest the President and call on all Texans to converge on the border and block DHS buses transporting these illegal invaders back across the Mexican border. Hold nothing back. Block the gates of the Military bases and border patrol stations from allowing these invaders to leave.

President Obama is holding nothing back in his goal to take down Texas. He will use violence, insurrection and any means at his disposal to break our will. We must show the same in return. The Texas Governor must do what it takes to secure the Lone star state. Even if means Arresting the traitor in chief.

Why be nice to them when they are not planning to be nice to us.

Gov Perry. Leave office in style doing the right thing for once. Arrest the Bum in the White House.



illegal alien supporters attacking police and Americans, 5 arrested in Murrieta, CA

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Support ALIPAC

Is It Time to Nullify the ‘Federal Election Laws’ that Encourage Voter Fraud and Registers Illegal Aliens to Vote?

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The ruling political class in government has made it their mission in any way possible to subvert the election process. Many politicians love power and need coalitions of groups to go to to polls to stay in power no matter how unpopular they are.

To vote is a right to a citizen. When the country was founded. Land owners were the only people who could vote because they had a stake to make sure the right people were in office.  If a person wanted to participate in the elections. They had to own land to make sure the best person they placed in office had their interest in mind because people who owned property had much to gain and lose depending on who was in office. Now we have groups of people on welfare being illegal immigrants coming into the country who do not pay into the system or have any idea about our history or our culture. They have no stake to risk or lose anything because they are encouraged to vote themselves a pay raise at the tax payers expense when the dependency class outnumbers the wage earners at the ballot box.

These people are told to vote for them for a bigger piece of the Federal pie not knowing dependence of the system is slavery. They are selling the illusion of government handouts is the way to prosperity. The same lie they been told leaving the old country.

It is time to nullify the ‘Motor Voter’ and the lax voter registration laws that makes it possible for election fraud. How is easy is it to get an ineligible person registered to vote? Every time I go into a government office whether it is the DMV.  I am always asked if I am registered to vote. They ask me no proof of citizenship. They just enter my name and that is it.

Is this is how Chicago gets millions of people to rise up from their graves and vote democrat in every election?

How can they get over a 1000 people registered to vote living at one address that is an empty lot with no structure on the land?

It would not surprise me people inside these government offices who  register people to vote sign up bogus names on the voter roles with no verification these people do exist or actually alive.

This article posted in 2001 shows how Motor Voter Laws encourage Ballot Fraud stating:

It’s much easier to vote today if you are dead or don’t exist than it was before the “Motor Voter” law of 1993 was passed, critics contend. The law was designed to make it easier for people to vote by allowing them to register when they apply for a driver’s license.

But legal experts warn that it has vastly expanded the opportunities for ballot fraud.

Some eight million people have registered this way, but only about five percent of them usually bother to vote — leaving a considerable pool of names available to those bent on election mischief.

Most states don’t require photo IDs at polling booths — making it easier to vote in someone else’s name, either in person or by absentee ballot.

Experts single out San Francisco as having one of the worst voter-fraud records of any American city.-

California Secretary of State Bill Jones recently conducted a probe after the city’s acting elections director claimed that 3,600 votes cast in the 2000 election were unaccounted for — even though his predecessor had certified the vote as accurate.

Jones reviewed 21 randomly selected precincts and found an average discrepancy of nine percentage points between the number of ballots that individual precincts reported in last year’s election and the number the city reported.

In this November’s election, 240 uncounted ballots were found “jammed” in voting machines — and the Coast Guard discovered the tops of eight ballot boxes floating in San Francisco Bay.

Other cities and states have their problems as well. In St. Louis, the U.S. Postal Service says it can’t locate 28 percent of all registered voters.

the debate in the Illinois Legislature back in the 1990s when the Democrats tried to push for election law changes to make it easier to register to vote. The state reps had concerns as  a State Lawmaker said:

“The issue here isn’t that we need to change Illinois law right now because people are having a tremendous problem registering,” said Mike Lawrence, Edgar’s spokesman. “The issue is do we want to rush through change to dump the safeguards against election fraud in a state that has achieved worldwide fame because of our election fraud”

The very state Barrack Obama is from where election fraud was made into a form of art. Now the President who learned from the state how to steal elections and subvert the will of the people at the ballot box.

He learned well from Chicago about how to make an election go his way.

Now The Obama Administration needs to exploit these Motor Voter laws that can be used to register non citizens to vote that have recently came across the border as a way to hold on to power because the party is losing support among its base.

Registering voters in the local graveyards voting more than once might not be enough. to keep the Democrats in power. This why this mass invasion of migrants from Central America is politically motivated because the Democrats need new voters to vote Democrat because the Party base is shrinking. This is part of the strategy behind the Democrats push for Battle Ground Texas trying to turn Texas into a Blue State from a Red State by registering new Democrats using the mass migration from the south.

The movement has started in an attempt to make eligible non citizens to be allowed to register to vote because not only the Democratic Party. The Blue-blood RINO Republicans face having major loses to the Tea Party movement this November. Unless they get a voter base of an uneducated underclass to replace the voters they have lost since the Bush and Obama administrations took office. The reason is because the people have awoken to the fact the both political parties are controlled by the same interest. The illusion of a false choice has been exposed and coming to an end real fast.

You can see that the obvious is when Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama are now being rejected by the faithful rank and file. There is a mass exudes of people leaving in both major parties. Why? Because they put the party ahead of the country.

Speaker of the House John Boehner is about to be tossed from his leadership position because he aided and abetted the Obama Administration by not keeping the White House’s abuse of power in Check.

Shock-waves were felt throughout Washington DC when Republican Majority Leader Rep. David Cantor lost in his Primary bid to a Tea Party Candidate.

This is why the Motor Voter laws along with the Diebold voting machines must be nullified on the state and local levels because it encourages voter fraud. We must make sure we go before county commission meetings nullifying these Motor Voter laws that encourage ballot fraud.

Securing our Elections is just as important as securing our national borders. Both are important to preserving our sovereignty as a nation. This is why the people must take back our elections from the political machine that corrupts the vote.

My solutions are:

Get rid of the Electronic Voting machines and vote counters. Return to paper ballots and manual counting of the votes cast counted openly in public view.

Have a separate picture voter ID card for the use of showing at the Polling precinct. To obtain one. The person must show up at the County Supervisor of Elections office. The applicant must show proof of residence example utility bill, proof of naturalization, Drivers License or State issued ID and Birth certificate as proof of citizenship that verifies the person exist.

The Country Supervisor of Elections shall no long accept voter applications from the DMV or any government office because lack of verification. If the person wants to register to vote. They have to show up in person to register to vote at the County Supervisor of Elections office.

Political parties and Campaign for political office should be prohibited from voter registration since both political parties have abused the system to gain an unfair advantage.

It is up to us to safeguard our elections minimizing the risk of election fraud.  Making sure only people who are eligible to vote are the only ones allowed to cast a ballot. Do not trust the politicians to make sure the elections are fair and transparent.

Do not call me racist because I want only those eligible be able to register to vote. It is not about voter suppression or discrimination. It is about stopping disfranchising the will of the people by sending to the polls people who know nothing about out history, culture or our form of government.

If a person who entered our country legally, Learned the English language and went through the naturalization process. Has knowledge of what our republican form of government is about. Took an oath of allegiance as the final step becoming a citizen of these united States. Then they have earned the right to vote and participate in the electoral process. Let these newcomers who played by the rule reap the blessings of liberty as Americans.

To conclude: Do we need to nullify the Motor Voter law as a start reforming our election system protecting the people from being disenfranchised by election fraud? Tell me. I would like to know.

Declaration of the People 2014

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Hashtag Holly

Declaration of the People 2014

Two hundred thirty-eight years ago tomorrow, fifty-six brave men signed a declaration, stating that the constituents they represented would no longer swear allegiance to their tyrannical king.  The declaration was unheard of at the time; the British Empire had a firm grip on a huge portion of the world, through colonial rule, trade, and military power.  The declaration was sure to lead to war; the kingdom could not lose the American cash cow or show weakness to other colonies.  The separatists didn’t stand a chance; they were underdogs that paled in every comparison except for their dedication to the cause.  Their cause was just, their motivations were selfless, their resolve was historic.
Many think of the great efforts of these fifty-six powdered-wigged patriots when they enjoy their grilled meats every July 4th. Others recall on the heroic actions of those who fought and/or died during the Revolutionary War and visions of blood-spattered Mel Gibson dance in their heads.  Both are valid reasons to eat pie.  But as the tide of radical Islam spreads rapidly and our government continues to fail our trust, this year is as good as any to remember “We the People.”  Yes the fifty-six delegates made the bold and poetic declaration and should be given much of the credit.  However, they were only politicians and their mouths would have not opened had it not been for the Americans that they represented.  It was the people’s will that wrote the letter and the people that would bare the consequences of its words.  The representatives did an impeccable job, standing up to tyranny.  But they were not alone.  Behind them was a majority that stood ready to lay down everything to put their money where their delegated mouths spoke.  The people declared  independence, stood up to the King, and won an unlikely war to keep that independence
We the People can do anything.  In this so-called information age, the common person is as uninformed as ever.  The injustices of the King and the resulting revolution was spurred through bar conversations and town hall meetings.  With all of the information the world has to offer resting at our fingertips, Americans choose to keep up with Kardashians and the like.  The People have been sidelined by daily mediocrities and a haze sits in front of our faces.

“all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed”
We the People have grown accustomed to a government that grows more tyrannical every day.  We accept overreaches of our government, breaches of the Constitution, and the decaying of our values because they are not gross in comparison to the last overreach, breach, or decay.  Progressives love to be called progressives because they wear their strategy on their name tag and no one seems to notice.  It is time we pay attention to what is happening.

“He has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance”

“He has obstructed the Administration of Justice”

“He has made Judges dependent on his Will alone”

“He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.”

“He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution”

“In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms:  Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury.  A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.”

The words of our founding documents and the People they protected are what made this the greatest country on Earth.  People stood up and put an end to tyranny and corruption, then created a constitution with strict separation and limitation of powers, enforcing the will of the people and the rule of law.  The founding documents are still relevant, the Declaration of Independence maybe more so now than in decades past.
Back then, “He” was the tyrannical king.  Today, “He” does not refer solely to the tyrant Obama, because our corrupt federal government will continue its path long after President Obama is gone.  The “He” we face today is that bulbous, stinking, out of control federal mass that recreates and mutates into an uglier, more sinister cancer all the time.  Wake up.  Talk with your family and friends.  Get informed.  This is the only way to reverse our course in a prudent and peaceful way.
File:Flag of the United States.svg

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Taking a bite out of the Globalist Proghanda Machine with the Unfiltered Truth

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