Connecticut is now a Slave State With Soon to be Disarmed Peasants.


Seeing that long line of people waiting to register their arms for the purpose later to confiscate them is pathetic.  Those standing in those lines are not men. They are sheep being led to the slaughter at a later date. I have no pity for them because they have been warned about the consequences of what happens if they surrender their God given right to posses arms. They are not morally or legally obligated to comply in their own destruction.

Still they go along with it when not complying would scare the state government more than registering their arms. The gun owners of Connecticut know better and they still line up to register their arms to appease a government that wants to enslave them. The people of Connecticut first allowed the State Legislature to abolish the office of the County Sheriff. Now in the place of a county Sheriff, now they have appointed Police Chiefs who are not accountable to the people. They are the oath breakers defending the corrupt power structure.

The people allowed a constitutional office that has existed back when Connecticut was a Colony under British rule to be taken away. The Sheriff was at least accountable to the people because he was elected. The people of Connecticut lost control when they ceded their power to elect their own peace officer to protect the rights and liberties of the people from a tyrannical State and Federal Government. The last check and balance of power has been removed abolishing the county Sheriff.

Now the people of Connecticut are registering themselves as slaves. Now there is a red terror around the corner like in early Soviet Russia when Lenin took the guns from the Russian people. Many walked into their mass graves after being disarmed. I see the red terror happening in the North East, California and Illinois because the strict gun control laws to disarm the people. In those states, the guns are registered and ready to be confiscated. Death by government is the biggest cause of death. More than the plagues and wars combined when they murder their own population.

Look at Red China, Russia, Cuba,  and other totalitarian regimes when the registered the  1486641_10200746371616480_1813435822_n people’s firearms. The storm troopers later came to confiscate them. Once the people were disarmed. The people were at the mercy of tyrants. Soon families were broken up, property and wealth was stolen. Than the mass graves followed.

What is sad there was enough people there to disarm the Police state easily. Problem solved sending a message to the state Government. Try to disarm us. We will disarm you. Instead they will now be disarmed by the Police State. The Police were outgunned and outnumbered by those standing in line to resister as disarmed serfs. The gun owners could have overrun the corrupt law enforcement officers without a shot fired, no one killed or injured. Now the gun owners of Connecticut will get what they deserve registering their arms.  That is disarmed slaves.


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