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Germany rolls out surveillance-proof phone after NSA spying debacle

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Sen. Ted Cruz Encourages Revolt In House Against Amensty Bill Led By John Boehner and the RINOS

Have the RINO Republicans learned a lesson with Rep Eric Cantor losing his seat in a primary election? It was over Amnesty. Thank God Ted Cruz gathered House republicans in  his office to rebel against the Speaker of the House and the other sell out GOP congressmen who sold out their constituents.

Here is part of the story from Yahoo News:

House Republican leaders abruptly changed their plan to deal with the crisis along the U.S.-Mexico border late Wednesday night, after they were not able to muster enough votes to pass the legislation before Congress leaves Friday for a five-week recess.

Conservatives in the House revolted against the Republican-led plan, which provides about $659 million in emergency spending for the border crisis through the fiscal year that ends Sept. 30.

As a result, the House will vote Thursday on two pieces of legislation, the first being the border plan. If that legislation passes, the House would be required to vote on legislation that would bar President Barack Obama from delaying the deportation of young, undocumented immigrants.

The Republican dissent was led by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), the conservative freshman firebrand who has miffed House leadership before by meddling in the House’s affairs (most notably, last year,ahead of the government shutdown).

Cruz met with a sizeable group of House conservatives in his Senate office Wednesday night, where they ate pizza and discussed the border crisis, according to sources. Some of the attendees,according to Roll Call, included Republican Reps. Steve King of Iowa, Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, Steve Stockman of Texas, and Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee.

The House GOP legislation, a companion bill to one Cruz has proposed in the Senate, would prevent Obama from expanding the  Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Obama established the program unilaterally in 2012 to shield thousands of young undocumented immigrants who have been in the U.S. since childhood from deportation.

Cruz has said any border plan should include a provision to stop the DACA program, because he considers it to be a main contributor to the crisis.  This year alone,  tens of thousands of migrants from Central America  — many of them unaccompanied children — have crossed the U.S.-Mexico border from Central American countries.

“The evidence shows that the amnesty President Obama announced in 2012 is driving record numbers of immigrants to enter our nation illegally,” Cruz said in a statement Tuesday. ” Because of President Obama’s amnesty, children are being abused and exploited by dangerous drug cartels and transnational gangs.”

to read the rest of the story Click Here


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Does Free Virtual Private Network Software Protect Your Privacy from Government Snooping?

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I can see one of the biggest trends going on is people are looking for ways and solutions to keep the NSA from spying on them for no reason without a search warrant.

Then we have corporations looking to buy personal information on people through data mining. Some people can afford top of the line encrypted software so their Internet Service Provider and any law enforcement agency cannot see a person’s online browsing habits.

People may say” I have nothing to hide because I am doing nothing wrong” The truth is the system will use anything and everything against a person no matter how harmless or innocent it maybe can be use against anyone. The system knows how to twist words to their advantage to incriminate some one. Think again.

There is a toolbar that can be downloaded called Verified VPN powered by ASK. VPN means Virtual Private Networks. The program is called Verified VPN. I hope it is secure as they say it is keeping prying eyes out when someone surfs the web.

The Program is free. Anyone can upgrade to elite version which has more features if a person is willing to pay money. I am asking people to download the program and see how it works. Is it worth it to download? Please give feedback to tell the software developers the bugs and fixes that need to be done to make improvements to benefit clients in the future.

The NSA and other law enforcement agencies spying on people for no reason doing a fishing expedition on a person’s home computer purpose is to justify this illegal snooping going on. A whistle Blower for the NSA says the Mission of this agency is to control the population by gathering data they can use against anyone in a cyberspace Stasis system.

I say have a Private Virtual Private Network installed on your computer to send a statement to the system. The message is we do not give them permission to spy on us. Our lives in none of their business to look through anytime they please.

Whether all VPN software will accomplish keeping the government snoops out or data miners away from our computers. Downloading this software even though it may be secure or not. Still sends a message to the system that leave us alone. There are national security threats more serious facing the nation than me looking up a recipe on how to make dinner rolls or taking to in the Tea Party member about passing out flyers is not probable cause of committing a crime under the forth amendment of the Bill of Rights.

The Bill of Rights is there to restrain the power of government over the individual. Since the government does not want to restrain itself as the Bill of Rights requires. Downloading a VPN software free or is a way we send a statement we are going to restrain the power of government spying on us by attempting to keep prying eyes of government spooks out of my life downloading VPN software..

Send a statement we want government out of our lives by downloading VPN software.

For other VPN networks Click Here.



Illegals Aliens Commit More Homicides in Texas Than on September 11th!

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Gerry Donaldson

Since the fall of 2008, over 203,000 illegal aliens coming across the border into Texas have been booked into our county jails.  These illegals accounted for over 3,000 homicides, virtually the same number that died in the World Trade Center on 9/11! Remember, this is only those killed in Texas!

These illegals also committed over 8,000 sexual assaults and 5,000 rapes in Texas. All together, these illegals were charged with 447,000 crimes.

Today, these same illegals are being efficiently and politely escorted across our borders, having bus tickets paid for by taxpayer money, are being given medical care, food stamps, housing assistance and even social security cards and drivers licenses!

Underlying all the abuses is the Hegelian Dialectic and the 1960′s Cloward-Piven Strategy based on Hegel’s theory. The Hegelian Dialectic formula is simple; create the problem which persuades the people to beg for a solution and then give it to them. This system of persuasive arguing was devised by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and would later become the framework for Karl Marx’s “Dialectical Materialism,” which, of course, eventually became the framework for communism.

Like Marx, Hegel was a statist and believed that humanity owed allegiance to an all-powerful state that directed every aspect of our lives. The dialectic is a methodology devised for the purpose of bringing people to this ultimate conclusion by being the creator of societal chaos while also being the one able to implement the necessary solution. The formula was thesis-antithesis-synthesis, or problem-reaction-solution. In other words, it cons people into believing the state can create a perfect world by pitting two opposing forces against each other, alleged opposing forces anyway.

President Obama and the rest of his radical leftist administration are implementing the final strategy in the Cloward Piven plan to destroy capitalism and force America to adopt a socialist government.

President Obama and the rest of his radical leftist administration are implementing the final strategy in the Cloward Piven plan to destroy capitalism and force America to adopt a socialist government.

If you wish to educate yourself on the subject you should read the Cloward and Piven strategy yourself. Richard Cloward (deceased) and Frances Fox Piven are socialists who have done a great deal of work to assist in the nations fundamental shift to the ideological left. Piven, a professor at Columbia university has spoke at numerous socialists conferences and was instrumental in organizing the voting strategies implemented by the leftist organization, “Acorn.”

It should also be noted that Piven is a professor of social work at Columbia University; which is where President Obama attended school. Wayne Allyn Root, a classmate of Obama’s, wrote an article detailing his experience at Columbia studying the Cloward Piven Plan, and Obama’s fascination with it. It is pretty clear that Obama is implementing this strategy.

The underlying belief is that if the left can overload Americas welfare system, while weighing the nation down with unsustainable debt, the government will be forced to adopt socialism and provide everyone with an annual, guaranteed income. There remains one little problem however; these socialist fail to realize that without a working society that creates wealth, government has no income to provide anyone.

Americans have come to accept their rights being converted to privileges and do not question when their God-given, unalienable rights are seemingly ignored by our government and law enforcement.

The illegals flooding across our borders have basic fundamental rights, but in all fairness to Americans, their “inalienable” rights are not guaranteed under our Constitution!  Therefore, we must respectfully decline and move back to the naturalization process our founders intended.

On one last point, the current debate on impeaching Obama is a valid one.  On one side, the majority of Americans want Obama impeached.  Many of the sitting Republicans don’t want to move for impeachment in fear that the Democrats will come out in droves in opposition and overturn the expected conservative flood during the November elections.

In my opinion, we need to make a clear statement that violation of the Constitution, the Oath of Office, and the infringement on our God-given, unalienable rights will not be tolerated.

We must use this opportunity not only to impeach Obama, but the moment he is taken out of office, we should clap him in handcuffs and try him for the many treasonous acts he has committed.  This should be publicized widely and then, when the likely verdict comes down, we need to publicize that as well. We all know the penalty for treason, don’t we?

9 Ways State Governors can Push Back Against Obama’s invasion and Federal Overreach.

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Let’s face facts. The Obama administration is the most lawless President in our lifetime. Barrack Obama has broken the contract with the state by refusing to protect the states from invasion under Article 4 section 4 of the US Constitution. Congress refuses to act to reign in this President over stepping his constitutional authority. There is no help coming from Washington DC.

Here is what state governors can do to protect their states from this invasion or possibly stop it:

1. Rent on a bunch of buses and drop off these illegal aliens in front of the white house since they chanted” Obama will take care of us”

2. Quarantine and lock down these faculties where these Illegal Aliens are being housed. All Federal Law enforcement and social workers are not exempt. If these government employees are exposed to these diseases traveling with the undocumented felons. They must be isolated from the population too.

3. Lock down military bases that are housing these unaccompanied minors. No one leaves and no one enters. Use the state air guard to make sure no military aircraft leaves the base or enters the installation.

4. Order all employers to stop withholding social security from workers’ paychecks.

5 Order all businesses stop withholding federal income taxes from employee’s wages.

6. Stop sending in federal gas taxes for highway funds to Washington DC. Texas does not legally have to send gas taxes because most gasoline is taken from the ground, refined and sold right here in Texas. Gas taxes are subject to interstate commerce when it crosses state lines. Not when it is all made and sold in Texas.

The illegal aliens are bankrupting the states. The Federal government is not reimbursing the states for the cost. This is how the states can pay for the cost so they do not go bankrupt.

7. Call in your legislators for a special session to pass legislation that is necessary and proper to counter this invasion. I call for nullifying the federal “Motor Voter Laws” were people who want to register to vote must be done through the county supervisor of elections. No political party or campaigns should not be registering voters. The DMV and the Welfare office should no longer register people to vote either.

8. The only people allowed to register to vote who are not natural born Americans are those who completed the naturalization process and took an oath of allegiance who been in the United States for seven years or more.

9 Make it mandatory everyone who goes to vote must show a photo ID. Tell Eric Holder and his minions to shove it.

The White House has gone lawless violating the contract with the states putting. This administration has put the people at risk with violent criminals and carriers of diseases hard to cure and expensive to treat.

The President is so bold and arrogant disregarding the law. The state should ignore his decrees and executive orders since they violate the 9th and 10th amendments of the bill of rights.

The states need to be more bold and brazen. The governors must cave in to intimidation or threats of losing federal funding or being arrested from the thug in the White House, It is time the state push back every way they can. Even when there might be a confrontation. The States and the people must stand their ground.

Resistance is not only victory. It is contagious lighting the fires in people’s hearts against tyranny. Governors stop selling out and start standing up.




Voting Rights for Everyone is not in the Constitution(Especially Not for Illegal Aliens). Any Questions?

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Our elections have been a part of our republic since its youth. Did everyone have the right to vote when America started the great experiment as a constitutional republic? Was the right to vote extended to everyone back in the day? These questions must be answered.

The people who were eligible to vote back when the republic was founded were male landowners. A woman did not have the right to vote in many states. It was assumed since the male was the head of the house and a land owner. He made decisions based on the best interest of his family and livelihood preserving property rights. Many states set up the system to protect his personal liberty for him and his posterity. The people who cast their ballots were individuals who had an actual stake in what he earned. The people who contributed with their labors earned the right to vote to protect his interest as a landowner and the head of the house. That was the biblical answer back then in a male patriarchal society based on Christian doctrine.

After the war of independence was won. Ninety percent of the colonists owned the land they lived on.

When the War of Northern Aggression was over. The right of free Black Slaves was given the right to vote under the 15th Amendment and the Woman was allowed to vote with the ratification of the 19th Amendment. I am for all people regardless of race, gender or national origin being allowed to vote requiring they meet the eligibility requirements under the law.

The truth is the privilege to vote is not a right everyone does not have. There are restrictions to who and who cannot vote. Why? To preserve our republican form of government making sure the people who are directly stand to gain or lose have a say in government.

When landowners were the only people allowed to vote. They cast their ballot so they can put public servants in office to ensure the government was not interfering with their livelihoods. The reason is because they were the ones that produced and employed people. They were the engine of the economy. Think about it.

Land owners did not elect people who will impose taxes on his land.

Land owners would not vote people into public office who will erect a bureaucracy to impose restrictions on his own land.

Land owners would not elect public servants to tax the fruits of his labors to give it to a group of people who are able bodied who refuse to work.

Today there is still a restriction on who can vote.

A citizen has to be 18 years old to vote.

A person who is mentally incompetent is not allowed to vote.

Convicted Felons are not allowed to vote.

Some states do not register to vote unless they take an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and the State they reside in.

Some states in the past required people to take a test to see if the perspective voter had knowledge of our constitution and our own form of government before they were allowed to cast a ballot in an election.

Dead people are not allowed to vote(but somehow they do in Chicago and vote more than once)

Non-citizens are not allowed to vote. The only people allowed to vote are natural born and Americans who are naturalized citizens taking an oath of allegiance. These people took classes on our Constitution. They learned our history.


Right now. The Democrat party is now trying to bring in a swarm of illegal aliens to be made legal by executive fiat by the President Obama. They want to make them voters to make sure the party survives with a new voter base. Why? Because Barrack Obama is causing mass defections of Democrat voters leaving the party in disgust. They need the uneducated, an ignorant and dependent underclass to be the new voters who will vote for government handouts.

The Democratic Party does not want these people learning about our history. They do not want these migrants to learn about the Bill of Rights and how our form of government works. They do not want them to become real Americans. Still, they want these people to register to vote and vote Democrat. This how they are going to try to turn Texas from a red state to a blue state by new voters not familiar with how our republic is supposed to work. Instead of imparting the culture and language of these people to be self reliant and successful citizens being productive members of society. They want to import third world values to the United States through the ballot box.

We have to regain the control of our elections and enforce the eligibility requirements. States have to nullify Federal Elections laws that create loopholes that make it possible for voter fraud. Election laws governing the eligibility and qualifications of voting is a state right issue, not a federal issue.  If we do not start enforcing the laws of the union What happened in California when Rep B-1 Bob Dornan lost reelection to Sanchez thanks to 984 margin because of illegal aliens voting. What Happened to B-1 Bob can happen nationwide this fall with illegal aliens giving back control to the US House Back to the Democrats if we do not act now.

I am not a racist or do not want to hold back any people based on their race or color to vote if they qualify as meeting the eligibility requirements. I want them to have what is best using their God given talents to produce something tangible that benefits society as a whole. I do not want them to be laborers working for low wages as a permanent underclass voting in the very oppressors they fled from. These leaders they vote into office are wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing, keeping them in a vicious dependency cycle.

If these people go back to their country and enter in the legal way respecting our laws.

If these people learn English and assimilate into our culture.

If these people take naturalization classes, learning our history, our Constitution and about their God given liberties remaining in the country for seven or more years.

Once completed the necessary requirements. They can take the oath of allegiance to be Americans renouncing the country of origin.

If they take responsibility for their own lives becoming self reliant having a good work ethic.  God bless their efforts.

If these people meet the criteria to be Americans. Then they earned the right to vote and participate in the democratic process.  Welcome to America.

The truth is the right for everyone to vote does not exist in the Constitution. Do you agree?

There Will Be Hell to Pay if the Obama and the Bankers Keep Poking the Russian Bear.

The banker’s agenda is now uncloaked and visible for all to see. They want to overthrow the Russia federation and bring in a neo feudalistic system like they were under with the old Soviet Union. They do not like the idea of a B.R.I.C.S. Alliance no longer wants to be a part of the Bretton Woods agreement of trading in the US Dollar in all international trade transactions. Now countries under B.R.I.C.S. will now trade in their own currencies instead of using Federal Reserve Notes.

John D. Rockefeller said” Competition is a sin” To the Banking oligarchs it seems like a sin because competing currencies means they will have to have an honest monetary system just to stay in business. They could not implode economies if there were other currencies people can use to keep commerce going. The B.R.I.C.S. alliance is a threat to the monopoly on the issuance of currency when the Russian Ruble looks more appealing than the Federal Reserve Note.

Beating the war drums attacking Iran, China, Syria, and Russia is not working anymore. I would encourage people to stop beating the war drums regurgitating the establishments words believing the propaganda. I do not believe World War III will start nor do I believe a nuclear war will happen either. There is an agreement with the top military brass in the Pentagon between the top commanders in Russia and China that world war III will not start.

If you see. A war, invading Syria has fallen flat on its face twice with two false flag chemical attacks that were exposed.

A war with Iran has not started even though with Navy Seals using gun boats trying to sink a Navy Destroyer.

US Special forces refuse to train the Free Syrian Army to go wreak havoc in Syrian and hearing the Al Qaeda forces bragged they will strike America next.

The troops engaged in the conflict in Ukraine are mercenaries, not from the ranks of the Ukrainian military because most have deserted the illegitimate government in Kiev. The combatant coming in are Chechen fighters and Blackwater thugs because US forces refuse to take part in attacking another sovereign nation. This is what the globalist is using to fight this civil war because the forces they depended on in the past now see the reason why they want them attacking Ukraine. It is for the bankers and want no part of it. Most forces in NATO from European nations do not support the US actions with against Russia and Ukraine as for the European Central bank and the Federal Reserve System interest.

The Narrative of blaming Russia for shooting down a Malaysian jet airliner is falling apart.

What is happening today is like seeing the Star Trek series episode “Mirror, Mirror” (Mr Spock with the beard) The United State has become the aggressor against sovereign nations that refuse to play ball with the bankers. Giving the ultimatum of join us to become debt slaves or if they refuse, they will invade, will attack them using a false flag events, cause uprisings to divide and conquer a nation to be debt slaves in the end. The bankers try to sell the perception of it is futile to resist them. Well Russia is not buying it one bit. They are standing from a position of strength and not from a standpoint of weakness.

President Obama is poking the Russian bear trying to start a war with Russia to blame an economic crash on and to divert attention away from his criminal scandals at home. The truth is, with the attrition rate our forces have endured since September 11, 2001 in this phony war on Terror. Our equipment is broken down and not fit for the field. I have drove by fields with broken Bradly’s and mangled HUMVEE and M- Abrams tanks called a bone yard. These military vehicles are being cannibalized for spare parts because of the existing spare parts are becoming scarce.

Our soldiers are burned out mentally from multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan on Psychotropic medicines. We do not have the manpower or the money to have any a major conflict with Russia. The combat readiness of American forces is not there. Besides, there is no moral reason to have a war with Russia. They are not an aggressor nation. President Putin has been trying to deescalate conflicts so nations along with Russia can peacefully coexist. Instead, Obama and the bankers, he works for are trying to bait Russia to go to war. Poking the Russian bear is what is going on.

The Ukraine forces working for the government in Kiev are shelling with Artillery rounds into Russian towns on the border.

NGOs funded by George Soros and the US State Department are trying to start color revolutions in Russia in order to overthrow the country to put in a pro banker regime. The very template they used to overthrow the elected government of Ukraine who will refused to enter the European Union and NATO. Russia is a whole different creature that will be hard to break.

The United States is the country that is building bases encircling Russia trying to surround the nation.

The United State is the only country with an antagonistic foreign policy toward Russia.

The United State and NATO has now been proven to be the source of instability around the world. Russia has been a stronghold of leadership nations are looking for stability standing against an out of control President Obama using America’s name bring destruction around the world.

In 2008 it was not Russia invading Georgia. It was Georgia invades Russia. Russia acted in self defense pushing the force back across the border. Russia did not start the fight.

The Central Bankers and their front men like Obama are losing the information war. The veil has been lifted, showing these people are working for the financial oligarchs to bring in full spectrum dominance of the monetary system with a debt based currency to enslave humanity forever. The curtain has been pulled back showing these central bankers are the ones pulling the strings behind the scenes setting policy.

They have lost the hearts and minds if the people. American are tired of wars and the police state. They are tired of using CIA operated Al Qaeda and the phony threat of Russia as a reason to take away our God given liberties. The news media they own is imploding. All the federal bailout money will not save them in the end.

Poking the Russian bear trying to taunt President Putin will be the downfall of the Bankers. Russia right now even though they have exercised great restraint in the face of a bully not fighting back. When Russia does retaliate for what has been done. Russia will do it on the ground of their own choosing when their enemies least expect.

There comes a point when even Putin will say enough is enough. I wish President Putin with the Duma agreeing to put out a letter of Marque and Reprisal to go after the troublemakers who are a threat not only to Russia. But all of humanity. The first bounty should start with George Soros. This man played a big part in destabilizing Ukraine. He is behind funding NGOs in Russia trying to overthrow the nation. He is responsible for mush instability around the world.

George Soros was one of the operatives behind collapsing the ruble in 1998. This oligarch should be the first target to be taken out as a warning. If President Putin does not deal with these people who keep starting trouble in his country. They will keep coming back until they get their way. Russia needs to make an example of people like George Soros. Let him finally bear the consequence of meddling in the internal affairs of sovereign nations trying to destabilize and overthrow them, especially the Russian Federation with a message loud and clear. Do not poke the Russian bear.

The old playbook is not working anymore for the bankers trying to overthrow the republics not under their control. They are supposed to have Syrian and Iran overthrown in the mop up stage. President Putin an ex KGB/FSB operative. He knows the playbook well too. He knows their next move and is waiting patiently.

I know a lot of Russian people. Thanks to the internet being the new tool of diplomacy were we talk to each other rather than politicians and diplomats speaking for us, The Russian people are nothing like we see in network TV being involved in some sinister scheme as a propaganda tool to make them look evil and untrustworthy.. They are great people to know who are very intelligent and very methodical. They are very concerned about the personal loss of our God given liberties in America. They do not want a war with us. They understand we lost control of our government and do not see Washington DC as a reflection or the will of the American people.

Poking the Russian bear is not a good idea. He can have all the nations willing to sign on to B.R.I.C.S to pull out of the dollar completely bring down the financial system of the west. He is other cards to play besides using his military because Russia is now has the economic as well as the military strength, meaning if Obama keeps antagonizing Russia with an incoherent foreign policy. Obama and the banker will learn the hard way not to poke the Russian bear.

Do not under estimate Russia’s influence on the world stage. Russia has a history of retaliating to attacks on ground of their own choosing when their enemies least expect it. It does not have to be military solution. Russia has many cards to play without firing a shot. So to the Bankers, George Soros and the Bankers. Do not poke the Russian Bear or there will be hell to pay.

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Wisconsin’s Supreme Court Rules You Are Free To Drive Away If A Cop Knocks On Your Window And Motions For You To Roll It Down .

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The Newspaper.

Wisconsin drivers can ignore a police officer knocking on their car window, state Supreme Court rules.

Cop at the car windowWhen Wisconsin police officers knock on the window of a car and motion to roll down the window, the state Supreme Court said in a 5 to 2 ruling that the motorist is free to ignore the cop and drive away.

“Although we acknowledge that this is a close case, we conclude that a law enforcement officer’s knock on a car window does not by itself constitute a show of authority sufficient to give rise to the belief in a reasonable person that the person is not free to leave,” Justice David T. Prosser wrote for the majority.

The justices argued in the context of the December 25, 2011 incident in which Grant County Deputy Sheriff Matthew Small knocked on the window of Daniel A. Vogt who was parked with the engine running in the Riverdale Park parking lot the village of Cassville at 2am. It was 37 degrees at the time. Vogt had done nothing illegal, but Deputy Small thought it was suspicious that Vogt was in the parking lot of a park that had closed at 11pm.

Deputy Small stopped behind Vogt’s car with his headlights on, but his overhead red and blue lights off. He walked up to the car and saw Vogt in the driver’s seat and Kimberly Russell in the passenger seat. He testified that he would have let Vogt go had he driven off because he “had nothing to stop him for.”

Vogt did not drive off, because he thought he could no do so without hitting the deputy. He believed that he had no choice but to comply. Once the window was down, Deputy Small smelled alcohol and noticed Vogt’s speech was slurred. This led to Vogt’s arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI). The court’s majority argued that the initial interaction was voluntary.

“The objective of law enforcement is to protect and serve the community,” Justice Prosser wrote. “Accordingly, an officer’s interactions with people are not automatically adversarial. A court’s ‘seizure’ inquiry into one of these interactions must examine the totality of the circumstances, seeking to identify the line between an officer’s reasonable attempt to have a consensual conversation and a more consequential attempt to detain an individual.”

Because the deputy did not have his emergency lights activated, the majority believed a reasonable innocent person in the same situation could have driven off while the officer knocked at the window. The majority refused to speculate what would have happened to Vogt had he actually driven away. The dissenting justices said the majority position was absurd.

“The world of legal decisions does not reflect the real world,” Chief Justice Shirley S. Abrahamson wrote. “No reasonable person I can imagine would feel free to drive away under the circumstances of the present case when the officer knocked on the car window and instructed the person to roll down the car window. A reasonable person would be concerned that driving away could be viewed as violating some law that governs obstructing an officer, disobeying an officer, or fleeing.”

A copy of the decision is available in a 270k PDF file at the source link below.

Source: PDF File Grant County v. Vogt (Wisconsin Supreme Court, 7/18/2014)

Government Outlawing School Bake Sales? Just Say NO!

Political Outcast

From the National Journal: “The Government Is Cracking Down on School Bake Sales: States are trying to circumvent federal nutrition standards that would limit sugary foods at school fundraisers.”

Barely a month after federal regulations for school cafeterias kicked in, states are already pushing back.

Specifically, they’re fighting nutrition standards that would considerably alter one of the most sacred rituals of the American public school system: bake sales.

Twelve states have established their own policies to circumvent regulations in the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 that apply to “competitive snacks,” or any foods and beverages sold to students on school grounds that are not part of the Agriculture Department’s school meal programs, according to the National Association of State Boards of Education. Competitive snacks appear in vending machines, school stores, and food and beverages, including items sold at bake sales.

The push back is not about students’ taste buds, but their wallets. Food fundraisers are a crucial source of revenue for schools, state education officials say. “Tough economic times have translated into fewer resources and these fundraisers allow our schools to raise a considerable amount of money for very worthwhile education programs,” the Georgia Department of Education wrote in a recent press release. “While we are concerned about the obesity epidemic, limiting food-and-beverage fundraisers at schools and school-related events is not the solution to solving it.”

The statement called the federal guidelines on fundraisers “an absolute overreach of the federal government.”

Hey, here’s a novel idea: Stop sending any education money to DC, cease receiving any funds from the Feds for education, and tell them to go pound sand. Or maybe even eat sand!

Look the DC bureaucrats in the eye, and say “No. Just no!” What are they gonna do, arrest the local principals and teachers? Really? I’d love to see them try it in my community.

When there’s a bully, you band together and kick him in the shins. Or even a more sensitive area. C’mon America! Stand up and act like you have a spine!

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QUARANTINE: A Possible Local Government Solution For Brazoria County. A Deterrence That Might Keep illegel Unaccompanied Minors Out of Manvel Texas?

On Tuesday July 22, 2014. Brazoria County Texas. The county commission voted unanimously in a resolution that they will not use county money to fund these illegal aliens in their jurisdiction. So how does the Federal Government respond to the county’s resolve saying no to these unaccompanied minors who entered the country illegally?

In Manvel Texas inside Brazoria County. The Federal Government does not care what the American people think. The Shiloh treatment center has received a 5 million dollar grant from Washington DC to house these unaccompanied minors who entered the county illegally.  The residents near by are outraged because these children who are possible disease carriers are coming in their back yard.This is against the wishes of the people of Brazoria county Texas.

I think we have to go a few steps further than what was done in Marietta California to make a real statement not to Washington DC. But to the  people thinking about crossing the border violating our laws. That is they will not feel welcome making life hard to function so it is better they return home to their country than be among a hostile population . I am not for these people being harmed. I do not hate them at all. It is tough love to tell them that they have to deal with the problems in their country and not flee. We have to send a message this is how they will be treated if they do not respect our laws that comes from the people of these United States.

If the government brings these unaccompanied minors into the county. The people of Brazoria county ought to contact the County Health Department and Sheriff Charles Wagner. If they arrive at the facility in Manvel Texas. Since these  children have been documented bringing in contagious diseases like Tuberculosis, the Bubonic Plague and Hanson’s disease(leprosy). The County Sheriff ought to direct the health department to lock down the facility with a quarantine not allowing them to go into the population. All the children should get tested for TB. If there is children with symptoms of tuberculosis and the plague. Since all the staff and children have been exposed. LOCK DOWN with deputies and an armed posse guarding the building.  No one enters and no one leaves the building. Because it is a public health issue.

If cities and counties did this nationwide locking down these illegal unaccompanied minors in buildings because they are exposed to contagious diseases. Ann action like this nationwide could throw a monkey wrench into the whole operation of Cloward and Piven. This might stop these people coming across the Mexican border if they might fear be locked down in a building. That can worse then being deported. The writ of Habeas corpus would not apply because of the public safety requires they be isolated from the population.

I might be wrong about this solution to Washington arrogance. For those thinking about making the journey north. If there are reports being locked down in a building under quarantine because the people they went along with have symptoms of Tuberculosis. Since they are exposed being around a carrier. it might take months before they see day light might make them think twice before they take the trip north.

We the people with working with local government have to be the deterrence. Illegal aliens do not fear the border patrol or the US Government. But we can make them fear we the people when they break our laws without harming a hair on their heads. Do you agree?

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