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Government Hates Decent, Ethical and Moral People. That is why they are Attacking Good people.

The Watchdogs comments:

The government we have today hate morality and moral people because they have a compass to discern right from wrong. When they see this in government were politicians live in reproach against the people.

If people think government is moral and cares about us. They are wrong. The state wants to play God and be God. They hate Christianity and other faiths that trace back to the patriarch of Abraham. One is usury is immoral and unjust. Abortion and other means to undermine the family and society good moral people stand against because this kind of behavior harms society.

Here is an article from the website Last Resistance  ” Government Attacks American who Value Freedom” Here is an excerpt from this good writing. Please  click the the link at the bottom to reqad the rest of the story and visit the website.

Here is the excerpt of  ” Government will Attack Americans Will Value Freedom”:

During the regime of Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany, his secret police rounded up anyone that spoke out against Hitler and his government. Kids in school were brainwashed to tattle on their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings and neighbors. Many people disappeared and were never heard from again. Others were interrogated and beaten before being imprisoned or released. It was a time where no one could trust anyone, not even their own family.

Do you value your constitutional freedoms? Have you ever told anyone else that you do? If so, don’t be surprised to see Obama’s Gestapo banging in your door after the November elections.

According to a report from Examiner.com, the Department of Homeland Security, which is taking on an eerie similarity to Hitler’s Gestapo, will begin to target and intensify attacks against Americans who are freedom oriented. In their report, they write:

“Within the last two weeks several tips came into the Examiner indicating pending dangers to certain groups of citizens. These tips led to a source who, speaking on condition of anonymity, alleges that just after the election a major initiative will be launched against citizens whose values are diametrically opposite to that of Barack Obama and the current Washington elitist leadership in Congress. According to the source, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will greatly intensify its attacks on freedom oriented citizens.”

“The source indicated that those within DHS and the rest of the Obama Administration who support a massive crackdown on the liberties of citizens are ready to make a dramatic move once the midterm elections in November are over. These particular government employees, particularly those at the top levels, believe that Christians, Tea Party participants, and those who support the Constitution and oppose Obama and his “progressive” agenda are dangerous and need to be subjected to a purge.”

“This purge would be in the form of prosecution through the courts. The objective would be to silence their voices and remove them from society by tossing them into prison where they could spend years and a ton of money attempting to get out of jail and defend their reputations. The ‘progressives’ in the administration and Congress believe that the lame duck period just after the November midterm elections is the time to move swiftly to get these things done. Obama doesn’t have to face reelection. And if the internal polling being done by both Democrats and Republicans is true, the Democrats will be forced into minority status in the Senate in addition to the House. Thus, in the two months after the election prior to the time when the new Congress is sworn in in January of 2015, a golden opportunity exists for the ‘progressive’ elitist tyrants to make their move. After all, they have nothing to lose.”
Read more at http://lastresistance.com/7737/government-attack-americans-value-freedoms/#DqFPbd5GZFD3iF20.99

The Ebola Crisis Shows How Political Correctness Destroys Common Sense Solutions

What ever happened to common sense being part of the solution solving the most complex and complicated problems? Where did it go? Who took it away from our daily life or did we allow common sense to be stolen from our intellectual thought process? In the name of political correctness we not to offend people of other ethnic sensitivities. Since we have to walk on eggshells not hurt some ones feelings when there  is a life and death scenario facing the nation. Now we can not use common sense because we might hurt some ones feeling of an ethnic group. As a result, our nation is a mess because Political Correctness has now replaced common sense.

We can not secure our borders because it might be racist offending people of Hispanic  decent, So now e are allowing diseased people from south and central America with Tuberculosis , Hanson Disease and flesh eating bacteria. Doing health screening at every point of entry before allowing a person in the the country.  PC says those protocols are racist and discriminatory because it is based on phony outrage and emotions without having to prove any logic to back it such assumptions.

When you see the head of the CDC say that banning flights from countries affected with Ebola will only make it worse, Containing the virus is common sense. It has been proven in the past isolating the nations affected with a virus that is a threat to public health contains the illness.  The head of the CDC does not want common sense solutions. Political correctness comes before the public welfare and protecting the health of the American people.

We are hearing from the same CDC head that banning air travel will hinder healthcare workers and necessary medical supplies from being sent to the nations stricken with the Ebola virus. The truth is Military Airlift and Charter flights can send Medical staff and supplies needed even when there can be a quarantine banning people from the African nations effected the virus leaving or entering the country until the outbreak is contained.

In the past we had the Tuberculosis outbreaks in the early and mid 20th century. Protocols were in place to contain the illness until the discovery of Antibiotics. Before that, people who were infected were sent to the local sanatorium isolating them from the population. It did not matter what color the person was. if they were infected, they were sent to the local sanatorium away from the public to be treated or wound up living their last days there.

The CDC is now infective containing a virus that could have been stopped weeks ago. Common sense dictates having all travel visas canceled and no one from the African nations entering the United States until the virus was contained and under control.

That did not happen at all.  Political correctness will kill us if we do not bring back common sense real soon.

Hong Kong protests escalate: Police use tear gas, pepper spray

Winter blackouts could hit Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, regional grid operator warns

The Watchdog’s comments: What jurisdiction does the EPA have in shutting down power plants? Why have the states stood up to the EPA  shutting down coal power plants.

Why has this President bypassed congress making laws by decree?  in the Constitution for President Obama to declare war on the coal industry? Well there is no authority nor implied powers just because it is not in the Constitution to shut down power plants over a failed science that has been proven a fraud. There is no man-made global warming. It is all about control under UN agenda 21.

Here is an article about rolling black outs this winter. The article starts below.

A repeat of last winter’s deep freeze could lead to electricity blackouts in a clutch of states spanning the Midwest to the Mid-Atlantic as proposed environmental regulations propel a switch toward natural gas-fired power.

PJM Interconnection, a regional grid operator, proposed new measures aimed at ensuring it doesn’t again flirt with losing 22 percent of its electricity capacity as it did during the “polar vortex” in early January. Echoing the concerns of Republicans and some centrist Democrats who have admonished the Obama administration for rules that would restrain the use of coal-fired power, PJM noted the situation could become more dire under a “rapid transition” from coal to natural gas.

The 2016 timetable is key because that is when new regulations designed to limit mercury and air toxics go into effect. Those rules will take many older, dirtier coal- and oil-fired power plants offline in the following years. The EPA says the rule will deliver $90 billion in health benefits and prevent 11,000 premature deaths annually once fully implemented at a $9.6 billion annual cost to business.

To read the rest click here

Federal Government Spending $1 Million Creating Database To Track “Hate Speech” On Twitter…

Weasel Zippers

The federal government is spending nearly $1 million to create an online database that will track “misinformation” and hate speech on Twitter.

The National Science Foundation is financing the creation of a web service that will monitor “suspicious memes” and what it considers “false and misleading ideas,” with a major focus on political activity online.

The “Truthy” database, created by researchers at Indiana University, is designed to “detect political smears, astroturfing, misinformation, and other social pollution.”

The university has received $919,917 so far for the project.

“The project stands to benefit both the research community and the public significantly,” the grant states. “Our data will be made available via [application programming interfaces] APIs and include information on meme propagation networks, statistical data, and relevant user and content features.”

Are local police forces preparing for war?

What is the Difference Between the Democrat NationalCommitee and the Communist Party USA?

What is the Difference Between the DNC and the CPUSA?

Canada Free Press

On the home page of the Communist Party USA it says “A better and peaceful world is possible—a world where people and nature come before profits. That’s socialism. That’s our vision. We are the Communist Party USA.”

No, it’s not Socialism, which is a watered down version of Communism. Real Communism is the kind that was practiced in the former Soviet Union. It can be found in Cuba and North Korea where the state controls all power and property,and the people have none.

Modified versions exist in China, Russia, Venezuela, and other nations where some aspects of Capitalism are maintained for the sake of their economies. In the West Socialism was incorporated by both the U.S. and Great Britain, and other nations via
various social welfare programs.

Capitalism is about profits, innovation, entrepreneurship, and investment. It is about the freedom to acquire wealth. It emphasizes work, not welfare. It is the reason America has a dynamic economic system—-when it is permitted to prosper, free from federal interference.

In America, conservatives have always been acutely aware of Communism, but the 47% who still approve of Barack Obama and those who are members of the Democratic Party are the dupes of those whose quest for tyrannical power permits them to tell the most appalling lies, particularly about Republicans.

The Democratic Party is so politically corrupt and devoid of moral standards that it is currently engaged in seeking to harm potential Republican presidential candidates with an utterly bogus indictment of Texas Governor Perry and the slanders leveled against New Jersey Governor Christie. It is a tactic of those who fear a loss at the ballot box.

Democratic Party, Communists and the global warming hoax

In America, conservatives have always been acutely aware of Communism, but the 47% who still approve of Barack Obama and those who are members of the Democratic Party are the dupes of those whose quest for tyrannical power permits them to tell the most appalling lies, particularly about Republicans.

The Democratic Party is so politically corrupt and devoid of moral standards that it is currently engaged in seeking to harm potential Republican presidential candidates with an utterly bogus indictment of Texas Governor Perry and the slanders leveled against New Jersey Governor Christie. It is a tactic of those who fear a loss at the ballot box.

It is the Democratic Party and its elected officials that have advanced the global warming hoax, now called climate change and the CPUSA website refers to the “Accumulation of greenhouse gases (as) a ‘planetary emergency’” This is what both the President and the Secretary of State are saying, but there has been no warming on a planet that is now 17 years into a cooling cycle.

As for those “greenhouse” gases, nitrogen and oxygen are the most abundant in the atmosphere, followed by nothing more dangerous than water vapor! Carbon dioxide is a very minor gas at 0.04%. And most importantly, the Earth is not a greenhouse. When the Sun’s radiation is reduced due to its own natural cycles, it gets colder.

Tied to the climate change message is an agenda that includes Obama’s “war on coal” and his refusal to permit the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline from our neighbor Canada, among other measures to restrict access and use of America’s vast energy reserves. This is an attack on the nation’s economy in the name of “nature” or the “environment.”

The CPUSA wants “No new sanctions on Iran” and the administration’s negotiations with Iran to slow or end its nuclear weapons program have dropped some sanctions to get them to the table, but no one believes that Iran will stop because they are openly avowed enemies of America and Israel.

If you wanted to harm America, you would undermine its southern border so that thousands of illegal aliens could join the estimated eleven million already here. That is what President Obama has done and he is joined by former Democratic Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi who said of the illegals, “We are all Americans.” No, they are not.

The chair of the Democratic National Committee, Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, continues to push for amnesty for illegal aliens saying “It isn’t about politics at all. They (illegal aliens) essentially have become the backbone of the economy.” The Center for Immigration Studies has documented the many jobs that have gone to illegal aliens, leaving native-born and naturalized U.S. citizens with fewer employment opportunities.

to read the rest of the article CLICK HERE

Police Brutality is a Constitutional Violation of All People. Not a Race Issue.



Are you getting tired of the race pimps trying to exploit the Police Killing of Mark Brown as racism. It just seems so selective when they come out of the wood work in front of the TV camera for air time to stoke the fires of hatred. One person in Houston comes to mind and that is activist Quanell X. I never see him come out when white or Hispanic people are abused by the Houston PD. He only comes out for black people making the Police look like racist when that is not the cause.

We never hear about how our Law enforcement officers are getting their talking points from the FBI, The Department of Homeland Security, the Anti Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Police Chiefs are getting training from the Israeli Defense Forces on how they treat the Palestinians. This should explain why some officers are taking the shoot first tactic and ask questions later tactic. Sounds like what the IDF does in the West Bank to unarmed Palestinians daily. This could be the explanation why the Police in many jurisdictions are out of control. It is not just black people getting shot or killed with beating or tazors. If you read the news nationwide. More people are killed by the Police for no reason than soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

What makes me sick goes all the way back to the Rodney King saga. Rodney King was no angel or innocent. Still the race pimps and the media wasted no time calling the LAPD a racist organization. Now with the internet and news traveling fast nationwide demonstrating Police Brutality has always been a constitutional issue, not a racial issue.


For those race hustlers. Where were they when Kelly Thomas was killed by police in Fullerton California? If Kelly Thomas was black. Orange County would be a media circus for weeks with LA riots part two after the verdict. They would have called the jury racist even though in my opinion ruled wrong regardless if the victim was  black or white. Those officers should have went to prison for murder and violation of their oaths.

Where were these race pimps when the camping homeless man who was unarmed was shot in Albuquerque New Mexico?

Where are the Race hustlers when an unarmed Housewife was shot in her vehicle.

Where was Jesse Jackson when that black single Mom was shot in Washington DC at a checkpoint?

Police Brutality is not a race issue. It is everyone’s problem. No one is safe from it. Until the people get past the racial card played by the agitators trying to capitalize on something bad in a small town near you. We will never get past the real issues of undeclared wars and phony enemies as an excuse to take our rights away. The Federal reserve bank robbing everyone blind. The TSA groping us at the airports.The abuses of the IRS and the over reaching power of the Federal government. These are the real issues that are effecting us all regardless of the color of our skin.

What happened in Ferguson was bad and I am glad the race pimps and social engineers could not get away with trying to start a race war like they attempted in Florida after George Zimmerman was acquitted which says black Americans are waking up to the racial scam of divide and conquer.  We have reclaimed the narrative from the race pimps.

Police brutality is a constitutional issue regardless if it is the war on crime or drugs. It effects all Americans. Until we say this is a constitutional violation of all people. The race pimps will be out there just as long there are ignorant people there to buy the lie.

We have done well with the Treyvon and George Zimmerman keeping a race war coming into full bloom on American streets. We have discredited the narrative in Ferguson . We did not allow the government to get away with the lies trying to stir the pot causing riots nationwide so the government can declare Martial law.

The government is desperate and dangerous. They need a crisis to divert the people’s attention. If they can not start a race war. Then beware of a false flag event. Stay alert and vigilant. Please!

“Bless You” After Someone Sneezing in Public School Gets Student Suspended.

God Father Politics

The Watchdog Comments: Nothing religious has never offended me. Why because I am in my right mind. Why get angry.  When a cashiers says to me ” Have a blessed day” It means have a happy day. Blessed means ” Happy” What is wrong with it unless there are people who are hostile toward expression of faith and despise the Freedom of Religion.

Well It seams like damn if you do and damn if you don’t. I rather hear a cashier or when I sneeze saying ” Bless you” than them saying “Fuck You or “Fuck off” or ” Have a shitty day”.

Political correctness has gone out of control where common sense no longer exist. Here is article of a Student getting suspended for her saying” Bless you” after some one sneezed. You be the judge. Here is the article:

You’ve probably heard the story of the public school girl in Tennessee who was suspended for saying “bless you” when a student sneezed.

I wasn’t there . . . I don’t know all the facts . . . but I do know that most outbursts during class do not merit a suspension unless it’s repeated or fundamentally inappropriate and the student has a history of such outbursts.

Assistant Principal Lynn Garner on Tuesday said he could not discuss the specifics of what happened, but he said there are ‘two sides to every story.’” I agree.There does seem to be a religious component to the story if what Kendra Turner has said is true. Kendra says that her teacher told her that there was not going to be any “godly speaking” in her class. “Bless you” constitutes “godly speaking.”Maybe Kendra said “God bless you.” Most of the reports I’ve read say that Kendra only said “bless you.” But even if she said “God bless you,” the teacher was wrong for several reasons.




As far as I can tell, no one has disputed what Kendra claims the teacher said. The teacher has not said that she didn’t say anything about prohibiting “godly speaking.”

Students sent WMC Action News 5′s Michael Clark a photo of the teacher’s white board that lists ‘bless you’ and other expressions that are banned as part of class rules.” Here it is black on white.

Bless You Whiteboard
Read more by clicking here

Crimes Dropping Year after Detroit Police Chief Tells Citizens to Arm Themselves.

The Last Resistance

The Watchdog’s comments:

More Guns in the hands of the law abiding means less crime. It is common sense unless there are corrupt politicians who want to control, loot and dominate the population. In Chicago there is professional courtesy between the criminal class and the cops. Where if a law abiding person defends himself with a gun in his own home. The judge will throw the book at them. If there is a career criminal who uses a gun in a crime will not get charged for possessing an illegal firearm.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff in Wisconsin and the Police Chief in Detroit have told there citizens to buy guns and get trained because 9-1-1 is not enough.

As a result, there has been a reduction in crime in Detroit. Here is an article from the Last Resistance celebrating more gun in the hands of the good people reduces crime.

Here it is.

Liberal anti-gun advocates like Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg would have you believe that the more law abiding people that have guns, the higher the crime rates. They fail to realize that many gun related crimes are committed with illegally obtained and owned firearms, not the legally owned guns by law abiding citizens.

Obama has been trying to push Congress to pass strict gun control laws that will only make it harder for law abiding citizens to purchase and own guns and easier for criminals to use their illegal guns against others. Bloomberg has spent millions of his own money in states like Colorado to help them pass strict anti-gun laws. The only thing his money accomplished was to force firearm companies to move out of state, the Outdoor Channel cancelled 4 programs filmed in Colorado and two state legislators were recalled and lost their jobs. Now Bloomberg has stated that he’s willing to invest $100 million into the campaigns of liberal anti-gun Democrats in 7 states.

So which works? Disarming the arming the people or arming them?

According to Detroit Police Chief James Craig, arming the people is one of the best ways to deter crime.

Last July, Craig was named as the new police chief of one of the most crime infested cities in the nation. Detroit is also experiencing severe financial problems and does not have the money to invest in training and putting more police on the streets. Shortly after taking over the police force in Detroit, Chief Craig told the citizens of Detroit to arm themselves and learn how to use their guns.

to read the rest of the story click here.

Taking a bite out of the Globalist Proghanda Machine with the Unfiltered Truth

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