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Texas Off Duty Deputies Arrested and Fired for Official Oppresion.

I have to give credit to Sheriff Wagner of Brazoria County Texas. He does hold his deputies accountable on and off duty. In other agencies when law enforcement officers conducted themselves unbecoming off duty. They do not get reprimanded, arrested or fired. They get promoted. In Brazoria county. Law enforcement officer do suffer consequences for misconduct.

Even though city cops in Brazoria county try to thug up like in Lake Jackson and Clute Texas. The Sheriff has intervened to make sure these small town police departments do not violate the rights of the people. The Sheriff office may not be perfect. But it is far better than most jurisdictions I lived in. At least the Sheriff knows how to leave people alone and when I see a Sheriff cruiser. I do not cringe in fear. When stopped. I do not fear for my life. The deputies here at least teat people with dignity.

In Brazoria County Texas which is where the former congressmen now retired Ron Paul represented and now resides.¬† I noticed over the years in Brazoria county. I have read in the local newspapers stories of law enforcement officers going to jail for official oppression or violating people’s rights. Here is an article of deputies being fired and arrested for misconduct off duty. I wonder was the young deputy trained by Israelis with the shoot first doctrine like the way IDF treat the Palestinians.

Even though Police brutality is epidemic nationwide. I am glad not all law enforcement  agencies are bad. They do have a standard and do hold their sworn peace officer accountable. There is sanity with a county Sheriff who is willing to uphold his oath. I though I share this with you that we live. The police are not as bad here than in other jurisdictions who abuse the people.

Here is the link to see the source of the story. This is a screen shot on Page 12.