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The Pro TSA Texas Lt. Gov Lost in Runoff for Reelection. Texans Never Forget His Betrayel 3 years Ago

This is not 1994. The establishment thinks the American people have a three week attention span. To assume the people would forget what David Dewhurst did to the people of Texas was his demise. He should have did like Gov. Rick Perry done and not run for reelection for governor when he made an ass of himself running for President in 2012. David Dewhurst should not have¬† sought reelection for Lt Gov. when he was defeated running for the seat of US Senate when Ted Cruz defeated the Lt, Gov in a runoff election for Sen. Kay Baily Hutchinson’s seat.

He lost to another runoff election to State Senator Dan Patric two years later.

When he was running for the Senate seat debating Ted Cruz leading up to the runoff election two years ago. Ted Cruz talked about restoring the rule of law under the Constitution. Lt Dewhurst did not have knowledge of the Constitution. His rhetoric shown he did not stand for personal freedom. This time around he tried to adopt Tea Party talking points like he has seen the light. He was talking about impeaching Obama and state’s rights. Well Texans did not forget his betrayal of what he did three years ago. He has lost the trust between him and the people of Texas.

The people shown last night the people of Texas will not forgive him for killing the TSA bill that passed the Texas House by a wide majority in 2011. Lt Gov David Dewhurst with a Representative from the US Department of Justice went on the senate floor twisting the arms of the state Senators to change their vote. The Senators were threatened that if this bill passed and became law. Texas would be a no fly zone with threats of US fighter jet shooting down commercial jets planes if TSA was not allowed to stick their hands down airline passengers pants airliner passengers.

Before this stunt of the Texas Lt Gov who is the President of the Senate. The anti TSA bill had the votes to pass by a significant majority.  Lt Gov Dewhurst killed the anti TSA groping bill that if became law would have TSA agents arrested for groping air travelers against their will without probable cause using existing state law. When Lt Gov was exposed by members of the Texas State Senate being responsible killing this bill aiding the US Department of Justice. His political career was over since then.

It shows the alternative media has filled the void the dying dinosaur media reminding Texans what the Lt Governor did back in 2011 betraying the people of Texas. The narrative and the agenda is no longer in control by a controlled media anymore. The new media arising with bloggers and citizen journalist asking the tough questions and exposing what the new media refuses to cover now control the narrative. The alternative media made sure Texans did not forget. This is a demonstration of freedom of speech at its best. The true essence of what the First amendment is all about.

Thanks to the Alternative media. Texas will be a better place with one more RINO leaving office.

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