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Sorry Mr Shumer. No Matter How Many Laws Passed. Freedom of Speech is Unstoppable.

What really has me laughing at Sen Chuck Shumer of New York is he does not know real America. To me, if he was not a US Senator. I do not think he can sell Kirby vacuum cleaners for a living. He is a joke if he is career politician trying to trample on the bill of rights to protect his power instead working for the best interest for the people of New York by upholding his oath he swore to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. He does not even know his own people in New York State. Does he think he rules us and can restrict the freedom of speech by going around the Bill of Rights because it is inconvenient when his constituents scrutinize how he does his job? Well no matter how many laws or rule making in the bureaucracy with Obama’s executive orders. Free speech is unstoppable.

If they can not take the political blow back attacking gun ownership. If Sen Shumer can not take the criticism about his attacks on the right to keep and bear arms. He ought to resign if he has no intention upholding what he sworn to the people of New York State. If he hates our free speech because he does not want to hear what the people think in New York State. He ought to retire.

Hearing about Chuck Shumer trying to amend the first amendment or repeal it altogether because he finds political speech a threat to him and all the authoritarians in the Senate a stumbling block. The only political speech he wants is the rhetoric that agrees with their agenda. If he can not stand against the opposition because it exposes the corrupt nature that can not be defended when the light is shined on them. If that is the case He is not fit to serve in the US Senate and ought to be relocated and deported to North Korea.

Sorry Mr Shumer. My right of free speech is a  God given right that preexisted before the Constitution was ratified. The freedom to speak freely is a gift from God. Not a privilege granted by government.  You can try to restrict the internet. You can shut down one website.  Twenty more more websites will pop up to take their place. Try to tell citizen journalist if they are not working for the New York times. he has no right to publish his writings that is political speech will not work. They will find another way around your controls.

Mr Shumer and the Democrats trying to repeal the first amendment. You will reap the displeasure of the American people 100 fold. You have lost the info-war and you have no more credibility. The media you rely on to lie everyday for you is dying too because trust is lost between the audience and the propaganda machine. The truth is out. Your move only shows you are desperate and you days are numbered being in power.

Sorry, the horse has left the barn, the train long ago left the station. The right to free speech is unstoppable. No matter how many draconian laws they try to pass will not work.  Your plans have been exposed. People see you are working for the bankers and the money junkies. You do not like th fact we want congress and the Senate to represent us, not a foreign power called Israel’s interest.

If you do not like the fact you like to war monger. If Sen Shumer is getting heat over amnesty for illegal aliens when there are many Americans still looking for work. If he does not like people are demanding the Federal reserve needs to be audited. Then he needs to quit the Senate if he can not take the heat from his constituents.

Mr Shumer, Attack free speech might be your downfall from power. Your arrogance will be your undoing.  What part of ” The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” and ” Congress shall pass no law restricting the freedom of speech or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” you do not understand? You contempt for the Constitution will be your downfall at the end of the day.

The American have spoken, if the Senate doe not want to hear what America has to say. Too bad. We are not shutting up if the first amendment is repealed or not. My freedom of speech is non negotiable.  It is not up to your sick interpretation or modification.

The Bill of Rights do not belong to Washington DC. It belongs to the people.  Sorry My Shumer you are now discredited.